Installation Of Panels

      If you ever have wanted your very own professional grade golf putting Green Then You Have stumbled on the right place.  We can custom craft you your very own golf putting green right in your backyard, inside your home or office or your place of business and even a rooftop installation if you like.  Design ideas are limitless and can be created to fit any area of your choosing. 

Benefits of Choosing A Synthetic Custom Built Golf Putting Greens

* Realistic Golf Putting Surface That Behaves Just Like Top Golf Courses Greens
* Virtually Maintenance Free
* Never Needs Mowing or Watering
* No Chemicals Needed
* No Sand Needed Ever
* Manufacturers Warranty

Along with your custom installed green we will also finish all of your landscaping around the green so it will be ready for your pleasure without having to do any additional work yourself.  We can add reatining walls, brick pavers and other hardscape features to your new custom builr putting golf green.

     You may be asking yourself why should I invest in this synthetic panel putting system over a sand filled system.  The answer is simple, a sand filled system especially in winter climates is subject to the freezing and thawling of ice, which in time will cause the surface to shift, divot, develop low spots, putting holes can shift and the green can loose its putting speed.  With our system this could never happen since the greens are backed with the panel system that is uneffected by weather, ever!!!  It is the most consistant putting green surface on the market today and it truely is a maintenance free golf putting green that will last you for many, many years.

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Custom Indoor
Putting Greens
indoor golf green
indoor putting green
office putting green

If you have the room and the need we can install your very custom built golf green right in your Home, Office or Place of Business.  Indoor installations generally can be completed very fast and you can even add countours to them to make them more challenging.

A Great feature to these units is that they can be unassembled if you ever need to have them moved for any reason.

Custom Built Putting Greens
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