12 x 12  $1,972.00

14-foot putts on club speed turf make this green a must for any serious golfer looking to take his or her game to the next level. The 12 x 12 all weather putting green is as close to the real thing as you can get without being on the course. This model delivers all of the benefits, looks and class of a permanently installed green with the added value of being able to expand it in the future or move it easily to another location. This professional quality green with adjustable breaks incorporates four regulation cups and pins. Solid feel, easy installation, common sense engineering, that’s Tour Links.


Training Aid

Available in 7 ft., 9 ft. and 13 ft. lengths, the TourLinks Training Aid is the best, all-in-one putting trainer ever developed. Tour Links Training Aids deliver positive feedback to all aspects of your stroke. Follow the club path down the String Guide. Maintain squareness at impact with the Stroke Groover Block. Improve your alignment with the Ball Marking Tool. Learn proper head and body position with the alignment Hash Mark. Create breaks with the Contour Mats and aim center cup with the Cup Reducing Ring. Suitable for left and right hand golfers. Say goodbye to three putts forever!

14 x 20 $4,548.00

With six holes, extra long putts and a fantastic nylon putting surface, this green is for the golfer who wants the best available. Add a country club look to your backyard with this great looking green. Let your golf buddies know just how serious you are about your short game. You asked Tour Links to get big and we responded with the 14' x 20'.

14 x 18  $3,656.00 

WOW! This is a golf green. This huge home putting green combines a professional look with the best nylon turf on the market. Great for the family and great for your game. With long putts and a true roll, this 14' x 18' five hole green will provide hours of family fun and years of professional practice to any golf enthusiast.

14 x14  $2,864.00

Outfitted with our new Ultraturf Classic Nylon Turf, this handsome 14' x14' four hole green will elevate home putting greens to a new level. Great styling with plenty of room for several players, this Tour Links 14 x14 will improve any golfers game, as well as, the look of anyplace it is installed.

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4 x12  $925.00

This all weather putting green does it all. Long putts, solid feel, and the true roll of the club speed turf make this 4 x 12 green a must for any player who understands the importance of realistic practice. Practice at the office, in your home or in your backyard with the most realistic putting system on the market. This is a professional quality putting green with adjustable breaks and two regulation cups and pins. Molded from high impact polymers, the patented design makes installation a snap. You will become a better putter! All it takes is Tour Links and a little practice.

Dogbone $329.00

This attractive all weather green will add style and fun to any golfer’s office or family room. Over 9 feet of club speed turf, the Dog Bone offers a realistic, quality putting green at an affordable price. Molded from high impact polymers, the patented design makes installation a snap. Feel the solid surface under foot. Watch the ball track straight to the hole and disappear into the cup. The Dog Bone will deliver hours of fun and practice for the entire family. This putting green comes complete with two regulation cups, one pin and adjustable contour mats.

4 x 10  $790.00

With 40 square feet of putting surface this all weather green is a golfer’s dream come true! The first full size putting green that creates quality practice for golfers of any skill level. With room enough for two, the 4 x 10 delivers everything an enthusiast of the game demands. Club speed turf with adjustable breaks incorporating two regulation cups and pins are standard. The 4 x 10 green is ready for use in any indoor or outdoor space. Molded from high impact polymers, the patented design makes installation a snap. Elevate your game to a new level with Tour Links.

8 x 12  $1,468.00

Never before could everyone own their own putting green for such an affordable price. Twelve feet long and eight feet wide, this green will add charm to any outdoor living space. This professional quality all weather green has adjustable breaks and three regulation cups and pins. Molded from high impact polymers, the patented design makes installation a snap. Locate the perfect spot in the yard or home and get ready to enjoy putting on your own private green! Plenty of room for several golfers. There is only one way to improve, practice, and there is only one way to practice, TourLinks!



If you would like a do it your self kit then try one of these models.  They are easy to assemble and disassemble and can be placed anywhere you can fit them weather it be outdoor or indoors. All prices include shipping and handling right to your door step.

7 ft

13 ft

9 ft

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