May 9, 2010


The Importance of Having Strong Mortar Joints.

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In a few of my previous post I have discussed Brick Tuckpointing, But now I am going to elaborate on why it is so important.  Over the years your masonry structure takes on heavy damage from rain, wind and ice.  Chimney take the most damage because they are exposed on all four sides where as home walls and roofs shelter brick and stone somewhat from these elements.

Mortar joints if you do not know already are what bind brick together and are what seal the brick from weather conditions.  When over time these joints are compromised small cracks will form and over time water will penetrate these cracks and destroy the mortar joints leaving you with a damages masonry structure that should be fixed immediately, if it is not then it will cost you more especially if you have a total joint failure which will lead to crumbling walls and thus a high replacement cost.

Things to watch for when your joints are failing are white chalking of the joints, actually seeing cracks forming, missing mortar joints, faces of or entire brick falling off, water damage inside your home around windows and chimneys.  If you spot any of these conditions then you should have someone look at your structure and see what needs to be done, most of the time a good tuckpointing job is all that is need to fix the walls or chimney’s in question.

Tuckpointing costs are minimal as compared to what it would cost to replace a failing wall structure.  You can generally expect to pay more for a chimney tuckpointing job than a wall or step repair job.  Chimneys cost more because of their height and danger in completing them, especially if you have one of those hard to get to chimney’s such as one in center of roof on a very steep roof pitch.

So if you suspect you may have a issue with your masonry walls then be sure to fix them a soon as you can it will save you a lot of money in the long run.  If you like this post and would like to read more then visit my blog at:

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