May 2, 2010


So You Want to Be a Mason

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So here you are and you been wanting to start a career in masonry or a related field.  Being a Mason isn’t as easy as it may look to seasoned veteran masons, it requires alot a hard work, physical fitness and you need some creative thinking as well.  Well for starters lets start with the tools you will need, fortunately becoming a mason as compared to other fields this is probably one of the cheapest careers to start in generally for under $200 you can get everything you need to just get started.  First the main weapon in your arsenal is your trowel followed by a masons hammer, you can do most of your work with just these two tools if you are really good at it.  Other tools needed that are essential is a striking iron and a fine bristel brush, horse hair one if you can find one.  Your most expensive tool will be your level you can start off with a cheap one but they can get really expensive, you will need both a 2ft. and a 4ft. level for all your work, once you have years of experience you will still need your level but probabally not as much, you will develop a trained eye to see if something is both plumb and level, I myself lay up many structures and don’t pick up my level for a few courses but when I do check it I am generally pretty close or dead on level and plumb.  In future post I will be explaing various projects from new construction to repair work, such as chimney repair, tuckpointiong, step repair, etc… feel free to visit my site at

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