May 5, 2010


Installing That New Brick Patio

Most people would love to have a brick paver patio in there backyard but don’t want to pay a contractor to do it, If you have the ambition and time you can probabally build one your self for a lot less.  First you need to make sure your yard is compatible to have a paver patio built, it should be fairly level with good solid soil and not many trees, preferabally no trees.  Once you have surveyed your yard its time to get digging, all vegetation such as grass and plants have to be removed where your are placing the patio.  The next step is to dig down about 4 inches to cut out the rough shape of your patio, be sure you are pretty level.  To check for level you can use a large level or go buy a cheap line level that you can attacth to a line and pull it across just above the work area to check for level by measuring down from the line.  After this is complete your going to need some stone, you want to get the crushed stone mix, if you tell the supplier what you need them for they should now what type of stone you need and how much with your project dimensions.  Next you will need to drive wooden grade stakes into your work area, roughly one every 4 ft and be sure it sits about 4 inches out of the ground.  Pick one corner stake and be sure the rest of the tops of the stakes are level with it so to be sure you will have a good level surface when your are done.  Next Spread your stone so that it is level with all the tops of the stakes, this will require some hard work so be ready.  Next you will need a stone compactor, run the compactor over the stone till it is all good and smooth.  After this is complete you will need plenty of masons sand, a long straight 2×4, 2 pieces of 1/2 inch metal or copper tubing and a level.  Tubes don’t have to be exactly 1/2 inch just close.  Next place you tubing parallel  with each other about 7ft apart on top of the stone, spread your sand in between and on top of the tubes.  next put you 2×4 on top of the tubes and pull it towards you which will  make all the sand at about 1/2 thick with a level surface.  Pull your metal tubes when you have completed this task and start laying our pavers on top of the now smooth level sand.  Continue this process until you have completed entire area.  Now with pavers in place get paver edging strips and place them firmly against the pavers and stake them in until entire patio is surrounded.  Now get some paver sand, silica is best and spread it over entire patio with a broom until you can no longer see any cracks between pavers.  Then take your compactor on last time and run it across the surface of the patio to get everthing good and flat.  and thats pretty much it, if you are unsure what to do still you should either watch some videos on this subject or hire a landscape design contractor.

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