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July 12, 2010


Masonry Restoration

New masonry buildings rarely are built the way they used to be and we should preserve and maintain our older masonry structures, because like the saying goes “they don’t build them like they used too” is very true in the masonry business.  Very rarely do you see large all real stone buildings being built anymore just because of[…]

June 4, 2010


How to Build a Brick Wall

     Have you ever wanted to build a brick wall on your home or or your yard and don’t know where to begin.  In today’s discussion I am going to go over all the supplies you need and how to build a brick wall and complete your project.      Once you have picked out your[…]

May 2, 2010


So You Want to Be a Mason

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So here you are and you been wanting to start a career in masonry or a related field.  Being a Mason isn’t as easy as it may look to seasoned veteran masons, it requires alot a hard work, physical fitness and you need some creative thinking as well.  Well for starters lets start with the[…]

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