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Brick Tuckpointing

Brick Tuckpointing

If your mortar joints of your brick home, brick chimney, brick pillars are starting to deteriorate then you are probably in need of a tuckpoint restoration on your structure.

Things to look for
* Crumbling Joints
* Cracked Brick or Stone
* Spalling or missing Brick or Stone
* Open Joints in Mortar
* Unexplained water seepage into your building
* Dark Blackening of Joints
* Misalignment of Joints
* Wall Curvature, which is really bad

These are all generally signs that your wall is need of repair and should be addressed as soon as possible.  Ignoring a problem like these can cost you thousands of dollars in additional damages if not correctly promptly.  DO NOT attempt to do the repairs yourself, if you are unskilled in this procedure you should hire a professional restoration mason to perform the work, not doing so could result in seriously damaging your brick exterior both physically and cosmetically.

How We Do It
We take special pride in all of our tuckpointing restoration jobs. 

First we grind out all the affected joints that need to be removed with a 3/8 thick diamond grinding wheel.  Cut and replace any severly damaged brick.

Debris is then removed with a brush or air line.

Next we carefully mix our mortar to try to match the existing colored mortar already on your structure, so the tuckpointing job looks more natural and minimizes its appearance that a repair has been made.

Mortar is then compressed into the open joints and followed with a joint striker or rake to pending on your preference.  Then brick is cleaned up with a masons brush and in rare cases a acid wash may be needed depending on brick type.


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Brick Tuckpointing Service Areas
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