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Pavers and Retaining Walls

Its time to upgrade your homes yard into a thing of bueaty and become the envy of your neighbors   Concrete pavers offer a tremendous array of advantages over other types of patio decks and areas.

Patio Design

Using pavers for your patio, walkways and patio gives you a wide array of design options.  Pavers of today come in various shapes and colors that interlock in different ways all which can turn a dull boring yard into a art masterpiece if done correctly.  We can help you design your dream yard into just about anything you desire.

Paving Stone Advantages
Besides the beauty and aesthetics that patio pavers offer there is the factor of performance, durability and longevity and the fact that they are almost maintenance free.

One of the great advantages of patio pavers is that each paving stone is surrounded by a bed of special grade sand. This provides a very strong platform, and additionally provides just enough flexibility that seasonal temperature changes and the subsequent expansion and contraction of the paving stones does not cause cracks in the pavers or the design.



Poured or Stamped Concrete
Concrete whether it be stamped or regular is subject to stresses from shrinkage, weather conditions and temperature.  This will eventually lead to cracking that will make your bueatiful concrete job today look like tommorows eyesore.

Pavers on the other hand are not subject to all the same streesses because of the joints give your paver project room to fluxuate with weather coditions and therefore greatly reducing the likelyhood of failure.  and if there ever is a problem it is very easy to remove broken or damaged pavers and replace them. 

Wooden Patio Decks

Wooden patio decks require yearly maintenance and can be a problem to retain their beauty. And they do not have the longevity of paving stones.

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