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ohio brick tuckpointing

Custom Built Masonry
Masonry Restoration Contractor
Chimney Repair, Brick Tuckpointing, Masonry Brick Mailboxes, Brick Homes, Masonry Wall Repair & Restoration, Brick Step Repair, Brick Porch Repair, Brick Fireplaces & Stone Fireplaces, Masonry Landscaping, Brick Pavers, Masonry Retaining Walls, Basement Block Wall Repair,  Basement Waterproofing, Stone Walls, New Commercial Building Construction


Vintage masonry buildings need special care and know how to get them back to their glory days, we can completely restore your old brick or stone structure to a near new condition.  All old masonry joints will be removed and replaced with new mortar and then is usually followed by a thorough cleaning to bring back your buildings beauty.
Masonry Restoration & Historic Building Restoration
New London, Ohio Grove Street Cementary

Ohio Masonry Restoration

Missing mortar joints
historic beaded joint rejuvination
This Sandstone burial crypt was neglected for years, We were able to restore all the masonry joints and fill large chipped stones on the exterior structure.

Masonry Restoration Services

Historic Mortar Joint Rejuvination
Lentil Repalcement
Complete Masonry Rebuilds
Footer Restoration
Stone Wall Restoration
Brick Wall Restoration
Grafiti and Paint Removval
Cultural Stone Repair
Chimney Repair
Step Repair and Rebuilding
Chemical Cleaning

brick step restoration
crumbling brick steps
Above: Beaded joint rejuvination,  to the left and right brick step restoration and rebuild

Masonry Restoration Service Areas
Cleveland / Avon  / Amherst / ElyriaWestlakeLorain / Vermilion / Lakewood / Oberlin / Rocky RiverSheffield / Sandusky / Huron / Norwalk / Wellington